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Monday, June 28, 2010

Mental Poltergeists

I have been lax about writing of late. I have all of these pieces rattling, half finished, behind the confines of my daily life. They are like mental poltergeists flinging things around and disturbing the force of my concentration. I can sense them in the corners of my mind. I feel their presence as I wander through the rooms of my psyche. I simply fail to see them dead on.

When I turn my head I catch a glimpse in my emotional periphery, but they have no reflections in the mirrors that are my eyes. They won't come out to play in the open. Instead, they send warning volleys into the middle of the floor. They tease me with their almost-presence and haunt me in the night.

I can perceive them lurking in dark corners, and shrinking from the light of my pen. But always, always, they are there. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting to be written. Secretly hoping that I'll find the incantation that lets them loose on the world. Wishing to be freed to the relative concreteness of paper.

I can feel them brush past me -- laughing, always laughing at me -- as I'm drifting off to sleep at night. I startle at their touch, and am instantly wide awake. Maddeningly, I am rarely fast enough to catch one by the toe as it leaps, cackling maniacally, over my head. It's shrill snicker frustrates my writer's spirit as it dances past me in the darkness.

I have to sneak up on these hide-y pieces. I can't catch these directly. I am forced to come at them from the side while whistling a merry I-don't-care-if-you're-written tune all the while. Only then can I reach out, lightning fast, and pin one to the page, like the literary equivalent of a butterfly collector adding a short-lived luna moth to her collection.

And when I do, I crow a triumphant "how do you like me now" to the others and feel them lean in a little closer...silently wishing to be next.

© Tanya Anguita

Monday, June 14, 2010


tonight i cannot climb the turrets.
i can not navigate the maze.
i am no white knight on a charger.

i can no longer,
quixotic in the moonlight of my love for you,
tilt at your fears.

i am a girl in love
and tonight
i want to lie down beside you,
soft and warm,
without a fight.

we deserve love,
you and i,
and the grace that comes with it;
the simple comforts
and the great ones.

the treasure sought
is the hand held,
the soft look,
the gift of shared laughter,
the magic of passion fired by
conversation that never stops and
kisses with no end

i know this.
i know this.

i would like to know if you do.

i am tired of wondering.
i am weary of "why."

i am no longer strong enough
to skirt the landmines
that you carelessly strew about you
like so many stars
in a cold winter sky

i have lost my bearings.
i have no compass,
save for the lodestone of my heart
which always
and in all ways
points me back to you.

© Tanya Anguita (06/13/10)

Friday, June 11, 2010

The First Poetry Challenge - A Quandrant by Little Ol' Me! ;)

The poetry challenge was to write a "good" or "decent' poem that started with the sentence:

"I like big tits"

I'm afraid that I was a little over-zealous and wrote 4. I'm not sure that these are "good" per se, but they aren't terrible and I suspect that they fall into the category of "passably decent"....LOL.

Thanks to Laura Brueckner for the perfect image to accompany this madness! :)

If I tagged you and you aren't part of the original challenge it is because I thought these might make you chuckle! :)


i like big tits;
firm and full,
soft and sloping,
rising from the torso
with stateliness and might

i like their boldness
standing side by side;
twin peaks
in an exhibition of
grandeur and grace

i like medium tits;
supple and sweet,
pleasant and pliable,
dancing on the ribcage
with perfection and form

i like their allure
poised proudly upright;
twin sisters
in a display of
delicious delight.

i like small tits
pert and perky
wee and wonderful,
ignoring gravity's pull
with fortitude and favor.

i like their defiance
sitting subtly staged;
twin jewels --
grace in action
arrayed against a womanly form.

i like tits
in all their shapes
and all their diverse sizes;
nourishing the body and the spirit
with dignity and distinction.

i like their beauty
pleasingly perched in pairs;
twin stars
adorning women's majesty
in all our varied guises.


I like big tits! This, I admit -- medium and small ones too!
Tits or titties, boobies or breasts, are wondrous things to view.

I sometimes think I like them best
Spilling unapologetically from a too-tight dress.

Or bursting forth from the tantalizing V
of a t-shirt worn a bit snugly.

Overflowing from a sweater that fits?
What a perfect display vehicle for a lovely pair of tits!

When small and pert, it comes to pass
I visualize them in a crystal champagne glass
and toast their petite grace, so fine
with an expensive bottle of sparkling wine

A feast for the senses, pillows for our head
for the soul a gentle respite, and delectable in bed.

From birth, a source of nourishment, of comfort and fascination;
as adults they are the subject of unabashed temptation

Men envy us for having breasts; blessed are we that possess them!
We can stay home and play with them, and lovingly caress them

I'm grateful that all tits exist they are indeed divine
I honor their abundances with poorly crafted rhyme.

So exalt their feminine beauty with this fervent prayer:
Oh Heavens! I am thankful that women's breasts are there!

Photo by Laura Brueckner


I like big tits I must confess; they're, by definition, grand.
And small breasts hold no less appeal, I'm sure you understand.
I find them gently comforting and titillating too.
I confess to my distraction when breasts come into view!
They fed us as an infant, and our ancestors before us.
To them we should be grateful and raise a joyful chorus.
In fitted sweaters, riveting; in corsets so amazing
In pretty bras, they give us pause and set our pulse a-blazing.
We cover them with lingerie; with fripperies adorn them.
We push them up, and strap them down, and hopefully adore them.
They jiggle as a woman walks, displaying female grace.
One cannot help but gaze at them despite a lovely face.
We want them and we dream of them from morning into night.
We can not get enough of them in all their female might.
So honor yours and treat them well, each month be sure to check them
Be thankful that you have your own; please frequently inspect them.
By all that's Holy, they're Divine; art devised by nature
Both ornamental and well-designed, regardless of nomenclature.
Breasts could launch a thousand ships, they hold such fascination
I like big tits. I like all tits! All Hail Tits! Celebration!


"I like big tits" said a man from Peru
"But I'm fond of the smaller ones too
And those in the middle,
I too like to diddle
Hooray for all titties! Woohoo!"

© Tanya Anguita

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I am the naked stranger in your bed tonight. I am spread out beneath your sheets, patiently waiting for you.

I am easily turned on. All it takes is your caress in the right place, and I start to get hot. Until you choose to join me, I will lie here...anticipating your arrival...feeling sultrier by the minute.

Warmed by a hidden energy, I am kept flushed and glowing by the weight of the covers above me. I am here because you placed me here. I am turned on at your whim and by your command. I feel heat emanating from every fiber of my being as I await your return.

Electrified and looking forward to the exchange of my ardor for yours, I know that soon I will feel your weight on me, sinking into me; your flesh pressed against my fevered skin. I am stretched across the contours of your mattress, and I will be keeping you in a heated state all night.

You come to me, and I welcome the delicious pressure of your body on mine, and give you all the intensity you require in return. I caress you with a fervor you won't want to recover from and provide a matching warmth for your every move.

If I start to cool, you can simply reach out and turn me on again. I will make you hot over and over, until you are tired and ready for sleep. Then I will curve around you and hold you gently as you drift into sweet oblivion.

With me pressed against you, I assure you that getting out of bed will be the last thing you will want to do.

I am the naked stranger in your bed tonight. I am spread out beneath your sheets, patiently waiting for you...

I'm talking about a Heated Mattress Pad...what were YOU thinking?

© Tanya Anguita

Towards Wisdom

I try to live with a gentle grace, and hope that my heart and mind work in unison to steer me forward towards wisdom.
-- Tanya Anguita