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Monday, June 14, 2010


tonight i cannot climb the turrets.
i can not navigate the maze.
i am no white knight on a charger.

i can no longer,
quixotic in the moonlight of my love for you,
tilt at your fears.

i am a girl in love
and tonight
i want to lie down beside you,
soft and warm,
without a fight.

we deserve love,
you and i,
and the grace that comes with it;
the simple comforts
and the great ones.

the treasure sought
is the hand held,
the soft look,
the gift of shared laughter,
the magic of passion fired by
conversation that never stops and
kisses with no end

i know this.
i know this.

i would like to know if you do.

i am tired of wondering.
i am weary of "why."

i am no longer strong enough
to skirt the landmines
that you carelessly strew about you
like so many stars
in a cold winter sky

i have lost my bearings.
i have no compass,
save for the lodestone of my heart
which always
and in all ways
points me back to you.

© Tanya Anguita (06/13/10)

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