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Sunday, February 28, 2010


The essence of desire
is heady
on my tongue tonight.

I am thirsty
and only you can
slake my want.

I am parched;
burning up,
aching to feel your kisses
flow across my parted lips.

I want to drink you in,
To gulp you down,
To run you over my teeth and
feel you pouring down the back
of my throat.

I wish for drunkenness
and satiation.

I want for nothing but you.

I want to taste you.
To partake of you.
To imbibe from
the complex bouquet
of your passion-warmed lips.

I savor this longing
Like I savor the taste
your skin
in my dreams.

There is salt there,
and warmth
sweetness and want,
and I waken
with a groan on my breath,
honey in my mouth.

© Tanya Anguita

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Midnight Sonnet

With midnight's toll I pray for sleep to come;
A blessed peace to take me through the night,
But thus I find by thoughts I am undone,
As fancies deep with yearning here take flight.
For then my mind to you oft-times doth speed;
In darkness I may think most any thing.
Salacious thoughts that long to become deeds
Make my breath catch, and yes, my body sing.
In waking dreams that take me to the dawn,
Appetence wears the mantle of desire.
Memories of sweet kisses linger on,
Setting my nerves and aching flesh on fire.
With eyes wide open, all these things I see.
Morpheus, thus elusive, teases me.

© Tanya Anguita

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brave and steady gaze...

is an ugly monster.
It lives in the basement of the soul.

is the thing that goes bump in the night.
It gnaws through the foundation of self-worth.

is is a creature that eats at the spirit.
It slinks away from the light of truth.

Invite Fear in
and you stand to lose yourself.

Shut Fear out
and it beats on the door of your psyche.

Meet Fear's eye
and watch it shrink to nothing before your brave and steady gaze.

© Tanya Anguita

Friday, February 5, 2010

Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive #39 -- 2/04/2010

I've been ruminating on the amazingness that is my life these days. I think that thankfulness is well placed and for that I am....well...thankful! *grin*

The past weeks have been delicious in so many ways. I've done so much. I've been shown again and again how rich this life I've created, and been blessed with, actually is.

In the past two weeks I've danced with Le Cancan Bijou and modeled for Dark Garden Unique Corsetry at the Edwardian Ball on I had the pleasure of Katie's company...which is always a good thing!

I then returned on Saturday to be part of the "Death By Corset" skit. In so doing, I was lucky enough to see great friends, laugh a lot, and witness some remarkable performances by incredibly talented people. I also got to enjoy a laughter-filled 2 a.m. meal with Cat and Peter that did my heart a world of good. I love you both so very much!

I've been to aerial fitness class, had hilarious tea (PANTS) with Emily (yay for new friends!), taken Chris suit shopping for his wedding, rehearsed for silent movie fun several nights, been out to see Cafe Americain at Cafe Trieste, had Tracy & Mike for a visit, enjoyed a wonderful dinner and yummy company Friday, filmed the final two scenes of Bree's silent movie, stayed with Barbara, Leigh & Joe , had Laura and Cameron at my house, met with Siri about my tattoo, had a delicious and delightful dinner with Michelle (thank you Michelle!), got to play with Kayla and Spiderinda (and a python that didn't squeeze me!!! *grin*), and have had two lovely evenings to myself. My life is so very rich and full. I feel that I am wealthy. Truly, truly wealthy.

I was talking with Whitney at the Edwardian Ball on Friday and she was saying that one of her natural resting places in her life is one of gratitude...and that she recognizes that and is grateful for it...and I was so thankful to get to have that discussion with her because it helped me to recognize more clearly that the same is true for me. That one of my natural "return to" places is one of thankfulness...and I'm so incredibly thankful for that fact...and for the ability to recognize it. Hooray!

So without further prattling,and in no particular order,and probably with terrible punctuation *grin*, today I sing my gratitudes for:

1) Lauren for coming to my sports medicine rescue so swiftly when I sprained my ankle at the silent movie shoot on Saturday. I'm healing swiftly and really believe that it is because I got such amazing and immediate care for it. Thank you Lauren. Wherever you are!

2) Anni for my housewarming gift certificate to Bed Bath & Beyond. I have a microwave at last! Woohoo!

3) Elliot -- All I could hear in my head tonight as I wrestled with hanging my curtain rods was your voice saying "next we'll teach you about leverage, darlin' " and I couldn't stop laughing. Thank you so much for all of the delicious laughter. Glad your trip is going well thus far! :)

4) Laura and Cameron for being such amazing post-it faeries. I have been finding post-its with loving and silly messages every where in my house since they left my house on Monday morning. So much win. I love you two so much! Thank you. Every time I think I've found them all I find another...and it makes me giggle all over again. SO MUCH LOVE! By the way...I've left them all where I've found I can find them over and over again. I particularly love the one inside of my fridge. *grin*

5) Whitney -- thank you so much for the glory that is you...and for the conversation we had about gratitude. So good to see you/be with you whenever it happens.

6) Tracy & Mike -- such a lovely visit -- yummy homebrewed ginger beer and wow...who knew..pickled brussel sprouts...kind of tasty. :) Can't wait to see you again!

7) Bree for the opportunity to be a part of your silent movie project. What a wonderful and fun and funny and creative and delightful thing to get to do. So much fun! :) Truly...thank you!

8) Finding two more boxes of cds in my storage. It is like music Christmas! I'm loving re-discovering my hidden stash of tunes. So much yum. :)

9) Karen for your choreography, teaching, dedication and patience with all of us as we sorted out the dancing routines for the movie. You did an amazing job, Dear One! Truly! I applaud you!

10) Katie -- for your love of "girly banter". Thank goodness for that! *giggle*

11) Being able to recognize how juicy my life is. So thankful for that ability. Hooray!

12) Rick Riordan for writing the "Percy Jackson & The Olympians" series. SUCH a fun read!

13) The ways that music moves me -- to joy, to passion, to tears, to heartache, to pathos, to dance, to catharsis. When I'm listening to it and when I'm singing moves emote, and I'm so incredibly thankful for the release and for the ability to occasionally offer that to someone else with my singing.

14) Chris and Jen -- Simply because. So thankful to and for you both! Looking forward to your wedding. It is going to be so much fun!

15) Thanks so much to Barbara, Leigh & Joe for their kind hospitality, silly conversation and irreverent giggling last Saturday after film shoot craziness. :) It is always a treat to be in your company!

16) And now some photos from the past couple weeks and then...I sleep! Oooo...and tomorrow is Friday! Hooray!

Silent Movie
Silent Movie
Pier Sunset Gloriousness
Sunset in Puddle. :)
Chris and Jen -- Edwardian Ball 2010
Me by Stuart at Cafe Trieste
DG Corset Modeling -- Edwardian Ball 2010
DG Corset Modeling -- Edwardian Ball 2010
Barbara,Jessie & Liz -- The cute is almost overwhelming here!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Resting place of the spirit

My gentle heart
bows to the silence
in homage to its greater wisdom.

quiet is the resting place of the spirit.

peace is sustenance enough.

© Tanya Anguita