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Sunday, February 28, 2010


The essence of desire
is heady
on my tongue tonight.

I am thirsty
and only you can
slake my want.

I am parched;
burning up,
aching to feel your kisses
flow across my parted lips.

I want to drink you in,
To gulp you down,
To run you over my teeth and
feel you pouring down the back
of my throat.

I wish for drunkenness
and satiation.

I want for nothing but you.

I want to taste you.
To partake of you.
To imbibe from
the complex bouquet
of your passion-warmed lips.

I savor this longing
Like I savor the taste
your skin
in my dreams.

There is salt there,
and warmth
sweetness and want,
and I waken
with a groan on my breath,
honey in my mouth.

© Tanya Anguita

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