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Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Life Delicious

There is life,
and then there is
a life delicious.

A life delicious
is lived
by sinking your Self
into it,
all the way
to your soul.

A life delicious
is savored,
rolled around on your tongue;
flavored generously
with appreciation and thankfulness,
stirred with laughter and glee;
sprinkled with clarity and
filled with love and friendship.

A life delicious
overflows with generosity,
percolates with gentleness
bubbles over with patience,;
Is awash in kindness
and is vibrant with light.

A life delicious
bathes you in glory,
robes you in integrity
dresses you in joy
and sends you out into the world
with quiet strength
and a smile in your heart.

A life delicious
is there for the taking,
if you choose to recognize it,
in every moment
of every single day.

Sink into it
Revel in it
You are capable of it
We all are.

A life delicious
Taste it
It is yours....

© Tanya Anguita

Valentine's Day Sunset

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