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Monday, March 29, 2010


From deep within I hear a cry
That sings beneath the rainy sky

It sings of hope and love and glory
Of happy endings for each story.

Of longings rich and rare and fervent
Of bodies arched and whispers urgent

The meaning is what matters here
The song itself? It has no fear

It says "I love because I love and for no other reason
I love because I have to love, in this and every season

I want, I need, I have, I give and give so much again
I never turn away from love, for love is worth all pain.

I'm brave, I'm true, I have the strength and have done from the start
I wonder, Love, if you do too, do you have a brave heart?"

And then the song, it quiets down and gentle hums this tune
"Come kiss me, Sweet. Stop running scared! Kiss me beneath the moon."

And so I laugh, embrace myself and know that I am strong
For my true heart has loved again and will my whole life long.

For I am not afraid of love and therein lies my strength
I never run away from love or hold it at arm's length.

I love with a heart that's pure, and this can be attested.
My love shines out, just like a light, I am love manifested.

© Tanya Anguita

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