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Friday, December 4, 2009

Tanya's Moon Trio


Cloud cloaked
she sits
in the cold night sky,
wisps of cumulus wrapped
around her glowing face.
She is
star adorned
star adored
and glorious.
Breathtaking in her
in her slow fade.
Age suits her
and she is
magnificence incarnate.


"Describe the moon"
she said to him
"Describe the moon for me!"
She asked it neat
and asked it sweet
as they stood by the sea.

So he set out to
one moonlit night
to act on her behest
and found himself at quite a loss
to fulfill her request.

He spoke it and he wrote it.
He danced it with the dawn.
He sang it and he acted it
His movements lingered on.
He shouted from the mountaintops
He painted it in beauty
He raged it to the breaking waves
And worked on it with duty.
He swayed with it, he swore with it
All in a reverent voice
He ached for it, he burned for it
He daily made a choice.

He honoured her great beauty
Paid homage to her light.
He howled to her deliciousness,
Was humbled by her might.
He laughed with her graciousness
And languished in her glory.
He canted every chant he knew -
Cajoled another story.

His actions, they were tried and true
His words magnificent and new
His paintings pure, his songs were searing
His dances divine and endearing.
He walked his talk and talked his verity
His spirit strong, defined sincerity.

As they walked on in later years
Along that self-same sea
While looking at her lovingly
He offered her this plea

“I still want to describe the moon,
Describe the moon for you!
But trying to describe the moon,
A mortal cannot do.

Trying to describe the moon --
A thing beyond compare --
Is quite like plucking birdsong
Out of the morning air.”

She tiptoed then and kissed him
And whispered in his ear
And there beneath the waning moon
Everything was clear.

She smiled at him and held him close
And held him to her breast
“Describe my kiss” she smiled at him
“And just forget the rest…”


There was a young pianist named June
Who passionately loved the moon
Whether waxing or waning
She felt she was reigning
Supreme when she played “Clare de Lune”

©Tanya Anguita

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