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Friday, December 11, 2009


When I can't sleep I often write
Under veil of sacred night
Washed in need and want and worry
Words are succor; sound and fury

Want is a mischievous mistress.
Need is a capricious bitch
Longing is a sultry siren
Desire is a wanton witch.

First there's heat and then there's fire
Sometimes need. Sometimes desire
I can not sleep although I tire
Give me please, what I require!

I'm hungry once again it seems
For midnight whispers, passion's screams
For inhaled breaths that stop and catch
As our strong bodies meet and match

I can taste your mouth on mine
Hands entangled, tongues entwined
Muscles cording, skin to skin
Who ends here and who begins?

I want you on me, in me, near me
Please me, tease me, and endear me
I want to wrap myself around you
Bite you, scratch you, hips to pound you

I cannot shake this want tonight
I feel your kiss, i want your bite
I want to taste you, breathe you in
To find your heaven, live the sin.

I want to watch you lose composure
To risk it all with full disclosure
To hold back nothing, give you all
So push me up against that wall.

I'll meet you half way, you're divine
I want your body next to mine
You feel my heart, you know it's beating
Come towards me, stop retreating.

And all I want
is you.

© Tanya Anguita

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