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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where desire lives...

My dreams tonight
takes us
to the place
where Desire lives.

The door stands open and
warmth is met with a burning heat.
It is fueled with the fire of need and imagination;
aflame with unfulfilled hunger.

Arched beneath the cloud-draped moon
I ache --
Body taut
Limbs stretched
Skin tightening with
a tingling want --
and wait
for fulfillment
to slake this fevered thirst.

Delighting in the delicious
anticipation that
hums along nerves
in the moment
just before
parted lips meet,
I sense you before I see you.

Faceless in the dusky darkness,
limbs tangle
hands twine in hair,
muscled arms embrace.
and I smile to hear your breath catch
as skin meets skin in the shadows.

We lose and then find each other
and again
in the heady descent
into nightfall and passion;
body over body,
in the never ending need
to get closer still.

As I awaken,
my eyes flutter open,
and I can still taste
your mouth on mine
in the midnight of my dreams,
and hear
your ragged breathing
in the silence of my empty room.

The darksome night is consumed
by the pathway to Desire's house,
and we
are left
to dream our way
back to each other's door.

© Tanya Anguita

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