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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive #43 -- 7/21/10

Ah yes...the sweet balm of that is so easy to apply and so often forgotten when the world goes a little dark...thank goodness for thankfulness, eh? I love writing these.

Sometimes my life and my ADHD get in the way of my remembering this/allowing me to do so

(HECK, I wrote this 5 days ago but forgot to POST it because I kept meaning to add photos! LOL),

but I want to start writing these regularly again. ( Regularly being whatever feels right to me. :)) I don't need to make a production effort out of it. They don't have to be novellas (though if I know myself at all, they're often likely to be LOL). I just need to write my gratitudes out as a reminder to myself to breathe in the good that is my life. And there is so much good. Gratitude is truly my natural resting place.

I fell off of my center for a little while there, but continued and continue to recognize that living in gratitude brings me closer to calm than almost anything else in the world does or can. I'm so glad that I rarely lost sight of that. I rest in gratitude. I relax there. I find me in the middle of my gratitude. I find joy and strength. I find all of you. I find over and over again that I have so much to be thankful for that it is almost daunting.

I have an embarrassment of riches in my friends. I need to say that again....I have an embarrassment of riches in YOU, my amazing, kind, generous, brilliant, funny, human, quirky, present, lovable, loved and loving friends. Yes. YOU!

I take a moment now to say thank you for your love and patience and kindness. To say thank you for your words of wisdom, your humour, your perspective and your unabashed support. You are really, and truly, the most amazing gift in my life, and I'm SO incredibly thankful to and for you.

You are my biggest gift. My most humbling and my most appreciated Gifts. My life, without you, is not worth thinking about.

So's positives (which will likely number somewhere between 5-10) start with:

1) I'm thankful for the people in my life. I can't say it more clearly than that so I'll just leave it at that. I'm thankful for the people in my life. That sentence is a prayer and a mantra and a blessing all wrapped up in one sentiment, and to it and to you, I say Namaste and Amen. *grin*

2) Humour. Hoo boy am I thankful for humour. Blessed, beautiful, belly-shaking, sanity-preserving humour.

3) Perspective. A blessing when I can find it and a nice thing to be offered kindly by those you trust. Something more easily achieved with 20/20 hindsight, but good.

4) Discovering again the funny fun that is the fine line between Craft and Crack. Michael's is a crack pusher for anyone who has a craft addiction. Sunday afternoon proved this to me as a "quick stop at Michael's" turned into an hour adventure. We left looking like the cloth flower dept had attacked us. Between said flowers, felt, hair clips, some glue sticks for the hot glue gun, beads, a couple of pendants and some wire cutters, Katie and I have now have many more hair flowers than we did when we started... and every time I walk into my house since I find myself fighting the urge to plug in the glue gun to make more! LOL! Hooray!

5) Being reminded by kind friends that is okay to have the occasional grumpy day. Sounds silly, but sometimes I forget that it is ok to wallow in a bad day as long as I don't spend my life mired in that sensation. Thanks for letting me know that I don't have to be Princess Perkypants all the time. It is kind of a relief to have external validation for that.

6) The relief that comes with the grumpy leaving. I love that strange calm that happens when a bad mood dissipates of its own accord. Such a relief. Phew.

7) The fact that as of tomorrow I will have achieved my goal of being in this job for 2 years. I needed a good solid chunk of time on my resume and now I have one again. Just in time for me to really realize how much I hate it here. LOL. Now for a job that is fulfilling or at least lucrative and not-soul-sucking working for and with people I like and respect who also like and respect me, and treat me like the adult I am. Hmmm...time for some affirmations in that department I think. Time for a healthy change.

8) Fresh flowers in my home. They make everything more cheerful. Including me. :)

9) Girl weekends full of light and love and laughter. Thanks to Anni, Laura, Cybele, Monique & Eileen for all making it out to brunch at Nona's and to Joreth for treating and feeding us so beautifully! :) What a gift it was to be with all of you at once. What a delicious, delicious gift. Also thanks to Marc, Alejandra, Roxanne, Maurice, Molly, Anni, Laura & Cybele for silliness and delight at the DCI competition and the ensuing joy of Chevy's afterwards. What a great afternoon! Marc you were truly awesome! What a treat!

10) Kaellie and Rachel for showing me that swing dancing can still pack a good sized room on a Friday night, and for your kind hospitality and for a generally lovely time. Hooray!

11) Chris and Jen for hosting a wonderful, laid back, sociable, and generally delectable July 4th weekend at their amazing home. Hooray for you two and Hooray for Maggie the sheep that sounds like she's smoked 4 packs of cigarettes and consumed a 5th of whiskey before breakfast when she baaaaaahs at you! LOL So fabulous!

12) Watching my various amazing communities rally around friends who need assistance with things they can't afford, can't do on their own, need help with because we have no socialized medicine, etc.

These things run the gamut from the basics like moving help and "gee i need boxes", to full scale fundraisers for medical bills for a wonderful woman, performer and massage therapist who blew her knee out and needs help with the medical costs.

BTW, PLEASE CONSIDER COMING OUT FOR THIS EVENT! IT WILL BE A VERY FUN EVENING!!! (!/event.php?eid=129831160383035&ref=ts )

They vary in amazing ways and go from house work and housepainting, to helping a friend feel beautiful again by raising money for her to get new boobs.

And then of course there was the majesty of shaving one's body hair and putting on a dress (looking at you Bill Roper!to raise over $3000 for RESCU ( ),

It is remarkable to watch people do good things for each other selflessly and with such joy and gusto. It gives me heart and a great deal of thankfulness when the world sometimes feels like it has gone mad with greed and corruption.

Thank you to all of you for the small things and the big things you all do for me and for each other. It really does make the world a more beautiful and much richer place. Just....thank you. :)


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