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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Postive #45 -- 8/19/10

Today without preamble my gratitudes include:

1) Picking blackberries at Chris and Jen's with Jen and Tuffy and the happiness that it brought me to be in their company. :)

2) Learning how to make Challah bread. Now I've done it once I know how long it takes, what not to do again (heh!), what to do a little differently, etc.

3) Homemade blackberry jam and plum jam on toast! NOM NOM NOMMITY NOM!

4) The fact that as I started typing this earlier today that there was blue sky out my window at work. Oh how I've missed blue sky this "summer".

5) 8/9/10 and how strangely happy dates and times like that make me. Here's a great story along those lines:

6) Getting to see Kirsten while she was here visiting from New Zealand. Meeting Nik at last, and meeting Nicola and Gerry was also a treat. Add Katie & Michael time into the mix and I'm a happy little camper. Hooray!

7) Having a tidy desk at work.

8) Gratitudes that take a few days to write.

9) Paciencia y fe... :)

10) Roses

11) Fun books that keep me up reading too late.

12) Finding an old journal that I've been looking for for months. There is a song that I wrote in it that I've been wanting to revisit. Hooray!

13) Anni coming up tomorrow! Hooray!

14) Knowing that tomorrow is Friday at long last. This week has been loooooooooooooooooong!

15) A lovely day with Robin on Saturday was good for my spirit. :) Thank you!

16) So much good in the way of Amy, Michelle, Monique, Barbara, & Daniel in the past week or two. I'm wealthy in my friends! So wealthy!

17) An amazing evening of Family Goodness! Yay and Happy Birthday again Nina! I'm so lucky in my family. I love them AND like them. YAY!

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