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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Because she hums it....

The Moon hums
through my sleepy window,
singing sweet songs
and glorious.

Her quiet breath
dances across my pillow
and into my drowsy ear,
reminding me that
isn't long for this world,
that nothing is permanent,
and that
I'd best
be appreciating
exactly what I've got.

Her lullaby
rocks me to consciousness,
out of nightmares,
away from difficult thoughts
that come unbidden in the close darkness;
banishing fears that I did not beckon.

Her voice is soothing.

Filled with light and love,
it touches my fevered hurts
like a cool compress
in the oft-lonely night.

I love Her
I am loved by Her
for this moment,
all is right
with the Moon-wealthy world.

"Good night,"
She hums.

And because She hums it,
it is.

© Tanya Anguita


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