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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Summon the Night

Summon the Night, no wishes constrain.
Welcome Desire, from nothing abstain.

Bring on the Tempest; the war in my bed.
The thunder and lightning aren’t just in our heads
Writhe in the Water and reach for that wall.
Arch strong against me. Give me your all
Call in the Fire to set us aflame.
Drop your defenses, this isn’t a game.
Groan out your wanting, invoke Passion's yearning;
Finish what you start! Don't leave me here burning.

You know that you want me, your eyes tell me so
You claim to be fearless, so come on, let's go!
Conjure your Demons, then welcome them in
Dismiss any worries, embrace all your sins.
Erase lonely Longing with Fulfilled Desire.
Tinder to flames, this bed is our pyre.
Beckon the Fever and turn on the stars;
When tangled together, Love, all nights are ours.

Petition the ravens of Memory and Thought
To finally release us to this heat we've wrought.
Give me your kisses, your touch and your gasp.
Your skin in the Moonlight is rapture to grasp
Invite me to bite you, while limbs intertwine
In this moment, Lover, I'm yours and you're mine!
Haste now to taste me, to savor my touch;
Pushed to the edge? Please don't say it's too much.

Invoking the Earth, grounded by lust
It supports our strong bodies, each movement, each thrust.
Bewitched and bewildered, beneath me, on top
We sing to the Night sky, "Please, don't let this stop"
Signal your craving; tie me in knots.
However you want it, I'll give all I've got.
Pin both my arms down and give me your weight
Tease me and please me before it's too late.

Entreat me to meet you as we move our hips
Extract “Hallelujah!” from our parted lips
Elicit "Oh god!” with our tongues in the dark
As a prayer to the Holy of Passion's Bright Spark
We'll stir up the West Wind with each gasping breath
Pushing and pulling, towards the Small Death
Tempt me to haunt you; to threaten your calm
We'll sing our release in a passionate Psalm.

Raw heat engulfs us, as Passion takes flight,
So abstain from nothing, and Summon the Night

© Tanya Anguita


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