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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fine Print

There is a story of longing
written in fine print
at the bottom of our souls.

It's there.
I promise.
Take a look now.
I know you'll find it.

It looks like Joy,
Tastes like Freedom,
Feels like Happiness
Sounds like Laughter.

Do you see it yet?

It weighs everything
and nothing
and sings like a nightingale
that has just found it's voice.

It smells
they say,
like the first rain
on a dry summer day.
Like the crook of your beloved's neck.
Like memory.

Keep looking.

Push back the muddied curtains of fear.
Dig under the heap of past hurts,
Throw out the cloak of cynicism
Lean in...

It might be the secret wish
that wakes you with a
smile in the night.

Or a hand on your face
that you settle
blissfully into.

It could be the body curved
around yours
when you wake from a nightmare
in the early dawn.

Have you found it yet?
Don't give up.

It might be the smile shared with a stranger,
the touch of a baby's fingers,
or sleep that comes easily.

Mine is written on my heart
and it whispers to me in the
silent times.

If you've lost the decoder ring
for the language it speaks
Sit and talk with me a while
I'll remind you of the
ancient texts written
on your spirit
and teach your tongue
to speak again
in the dialects of love.

© Tanya Anguita

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