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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive #33 -- 11/06/09

Singing the gratitudes. Singing, Singing, SINGING the gratitudes. La-la-laaaaaaaa

It is an exciting but slightly muddied time in my life. There are lots of in-betweens and almosts and maybes happening for me. Transitions. Shifts. Growth. All good things, sometimes complex, lots of uncertainties...and mostly I'm excited about all of, however, it has been giving me waves of feeling a little off balance and I think it is time to remind myself of the things I'm thankful for.

So without further ado, today's gratitudes include:

1) Rainbows....I got to see rainbows last night on my way into the City. Somehow, they never lose their magic for me. The 5 year old that is so-very-present in my soul gets jump-up-and-down excited every single time I see one. I feel like I get to breathe life in just a little more richly every time I'm lucky enough to see that remarkable play of colour, water and light splashed across the sky. Hooray for rainbows.

2) Haircuts ... hadn't had one since July. I really feel like I get lighter and happier after I've had a haircut. Cutting the dead bits away and leaving healthy happy curls behind. I think I left a small woodland creature on the floor of the salon last night. Hee hee!

3) Scintillating conversation and brilliant dialogue. Yum!

4) Laughter with Carma last night. Secret Goat, 47 Strings & Ned, and A.D.D. Theater indeed! 28 years of friendship and counting! HOORAY! Thank you!

5) Dancing again. Dancing Again. Dancing Again. Can't wait for Capoeira again on Monday. So happy to be dancing cancan with Bijou again this year too. Loving the feeling of my heart pounding life through my veins and the ache of well used muscles. Loving it! So much fun! Did I mention, loving it? Yep....loving it!

6) Writing. Discovering writing again. I did it a lot when I was younger and over the years it got tucked behind all of the other things in my life, but I've found it again in the past few months, and I'm so happy to be doing it. It is such a blessing for my spirit. It gives me solace, offers me a respite, and allows me to communicate my thoughts and feelings in a much more articulate way than I might otherwise...kind of like um... this Fine Print . Yep...hooray for writing again. Just...yay!

7) Whatever switch that finally flipped with 40. I wake up these days and I truly like myself. 95% of the time, I like myself, I believe in myself and I feel the blessed weight of my own worth. It is such a refreshing and miraculous feeling after so many years of self-doubt. Thank goodness for that switch. May it remain in the On position. :)

11/5/09 -- I love the rain
2/17/09 -- Rain Melt
2/17/09 -- Rearview

8) Rain...I love rain. Hooray for water coming from the sky.

9) Not coughing every 2 minutes. I'm so thankful for this. After a month of coughing daily, I think it is finally subsiding and I'm SO happy about it. Hooray for not coughing.

10) Virtual puddle fights! HOORAY and thank you for playing! Particular thanks to Marc & Kristin! That was a fun way to spend the afternoon. :)

11) Ladybug rainboots. Nuff said!

12) Water...drinking more of it....feels so good. Seems I'm sleeping more and better when I do so...hooray for that too.

13) many delicious sunsets...soul soothing, centering, inspiring, glorious and ever-changing sunsets. Here is a small video of the amazing sunset with rainbows from last night: SUNSET

14) Delivery sushi. Yum. I know I've mentioned this before but yum!

And now, I wish you all love and joy!
Thank you for being in my life!
Good night!

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