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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive #38 -- 1/16/10

Easy easy easy to write this tonight. What a glorious 24+ hours. What a blessed, gift-filled, remarkably loving, beautiful time! I'm smiling as I type. Life is juicy and true and so full of incredible yum. Time with Laura and Cameron is an exercise in coming home to a home you didn't know you had. It is easy and comforting and laughter and love-filled and truly, blessedly easy. Ahhhh...what a happy heart I have tonight. :)

We had a GREAT day today. So much fun and so much amazingness. Something about that reset button being pressed and I'm back to where I like being. Thankful, joyful, and so alive!

My gratitudes are being sung and here they are:

1) Starting the day at Rain's Aerial Fitness class at the Athletic Playground. It challenges me, kicks my butt, makes me giggle, makes me feel awkward, and makes me very happy all at once. And? I love how muscle-sore it makes me. Hooray!

2) Making mom-style pancakes (more like heavy crepes) with lemon curd and chicken pineapple-bacon sausage for brunch. And also eating a yummy pineapple that Cameron picked out. Such a good call on his part! Yum!

3) So much easy conversation.

4) The Exploratorium. We only got an hour or so there but omg...what a blast. I used to go all the time as a child because it was free when I was little and I lived 6 blocks from it. I hadn't been in years and now I'm just kind of itching to go back and spend some real time there. Tactile Dome...I wanna go! :)


5) Getting to play clicky clicky wheeeee with Laura. It is fun to geek with someone. I like it!

6) An unexpected dinner with Dan Briggs at the Metreon. Nice to see you outside of the faire, eh?

7) The MLK Fountain and getting to share never fails to move me. What a remarkable piece of civic art.

8) The smell of banana bread wafting from my oven even as I type.

9) Being introduced to [title of show] and the Die Vampires Die Song "You have a story to tell, pull your novel out of that sock drawer! You have a painting to paint, you best paint it and then paint some more!"

10) Butt Jazz...our new name for honk squeak and fall down the stairs jazz...because really? It kind of sounds like jazz that comes from someone's ass...ah much hilarity.

11) Laura Gregory, Laura Gregory, Laura Gregory, Laura Gregory!

Isn't she magnificent?


12) Cameron, Cameron, Cameron, Cameron!

I love this kid!


13) Noodley Saturdays on KALW. At least that is what I call the Thistle and Shamrock, Folk Music and Beyond, Bluegrass Signal, etc line up. I love catching fun!

14) Stopping at Treasure Island on the way home to look at the view....because we could!

15) Contentment. Such a miracle of a feeling.

A few pics from the day and then sleep for me. Much love for and to you all!

Palace of Fine Arts

This child's idea made me so happy!


My beloved house guests -- Laura, Cameron and Vacation Monkey. :)

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