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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Before the World Wakes

Before the world wakes
There is a gentle silence
That cradles me in its arms;
A blessed now
that embraces me.
In that quiet darkness
I find the light of my soul
and tell it that all will be well
in the end.


Before the world wakes
there is a peaceful solitude.
that blankets me in dreamlike thoughts;
a graceful oneness
that brings me to myself.
In that morning twilight
I listen to my gentle heart
as it travels to the shores
of compassion
and gently sings
my fears to sleep.


Before the world wakes
There is a weighted stillness
that cloaks me in its warmth;
A gracious clarity
that carries me to truth.
In that pre-dawn duskiness
I am everything and nothing.
Beauty and desire
live within me
as I journey
to the solace of your arms
and am reminded, once again,
that, near or far,
love exists.

(c) Tanya Anguita (5/7/10)

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