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Friday, May 28, 2010

under a full moon sky

under a full moon sky

silver starred night
a moon bright with promise
a bowlful of laughter
and you

she'll be full soon --
burgeoning with possibility,
and weaving secret stories
of maidens and madmen
stolen kisses
and silent wishes.

we cannot go wrong,
you and i,
when there is this gift
in the skies
guiding us to true discourse
and each other

lean back.
howl bright
at the Spring moon
so rich and fecund
in the vernal sky.

she'll have you thinking
there is magic at midnight
as we draw down the moon,
blanket ourselves in her radiance,
and wrap each other
in the fervent fascination
that comes with chemistry
and minds that meet and match.

I would not trade
these months
for anything,
nor that first conversation
under an
Autumn full moon sky.

© Tanya Anguita

© Tanya Anguita (04/03/10)

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