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Monday, May 10, 2010


Want creeps up on me
at the witching hour
when there is no one there to
attend to her.

Limitless and lost,
her's is an ardent desire
that consumes
each waking breath.
She is voracious
and she will not sleep.

I did not bid her visit me tonight.
She arose,
out of ache and appetence,
loneliness and loss,
tease and unrest;
A surprise visitor
in the restless
storm tossed night.

When I arch to meet her
she backs away and laughs at me,
one beckoning finger crooked
and a beguiling smile on her
never satiated face.
She is rapacious
and devoid of any kindness
on nights like this.
There is no softness to her
and no relief.

Where do I place this need?
How do I gentle this hurt?
And what do I do with Want
when she won't be vanquished?

(c)Tanya Anguita (5/10/10)

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