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Saturday, April 25, 2009

4/25/09 -- Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive #3 ....I'm having a little bit of a tough time at this particular instant, because I just wrote this out to #6, and it was in depth and made me happy....and then I somehow lost everything I'd written. So the new #1 is....

1) I'm thankful for lessons like this. I now know that I need to compose in Word and then copy to Facebook. I’m frustrated, but I’m also thankful for the lesson. Hooray for lessons. They help one to grow. Ouch, and YAY. LOL.

2) I spent the better part of the day with Rob, Eli and Eli’s wonderful five year old Kayla. Kayla is magic to me. Has been since birth. I spent a lot of time with her for the first several years of her life and I love her more than I have words to express. She is funny, smart, opinionated, deeply intelligent and incredibly imaginative. She helped me to tap into my rusty imagination today and it was so much fun. I’d forgotten the magic of pure play and the willing suspension of your own logic. I got to be both Fred and Frella – Peregrine Falcon Cooks in service of Queen Paragra (Kayla), the Peregrine Falcon Queen today. We “cooked” magical salmon in “tomato sauce and juice” today, and “caught and cooked” purple trout and green trout and “cooked” them in strawberry sugar bread. I taught her how to make daisy chains after we’d wandered around the Berkeley Farmers’ Market for a while and then went back to playing some more. The truly hilarious moment was when I was told that I was a peregrine fairy with a walking stick. I asked if I needed the walking stick because we were going on a hike. And she said no…it was because I was 20 which is “quite old for a fairy…it is almost like being 40 for a human…” and that I needed the walking stick because I was “wobbly on my legs from being so old.” *giggle* Colour me entertained.

3) I love naps. I thought I’d be taking a 30 minute one today and woke up 3 hours later. I think I really needed the sleep.

4) Along those lines…. Good earplugs rock. Thank goodness for them.

5) I love warm coats on a chilly day. Rob and I tried to go for a romantic sunset picnic in the Berkeley Hills tonight. We put on our coats and hats, stopped at the local market on the corner of Ashby and MLK for deli sandwiches and intrepidly set out up the 13 and then the winding backroads of the Oakland Hills to find a great view and a nice place to picnic. Only to get to the top of the mountain and find that the view was so hazy that we couldn’t see much of the view and that it was SO cold that any exposed skin got chilled almost instantly in the brisk wind. We ended up driving back down to the Lawrence Hall of Science and eating our “picnic” in the car and laughing at our almost Murphy-esque abilities where picnics are concerned.

6) Laughter. I’m so incredibly thankful for laughter. It is the river that my sanity returns to after too long on a dry uncomfortable shore. It is a balm for my soul, it keeps my heart pumping and it is that thing that keeps my perspective healthy. Hooray for laughter.

7) Springtime. It is all about re-birth and growth and blossoming. It not only is one of the most beautiful times of the year, but it also reminds me that life is also about those things. Not to mention that spring flowers are so breathtakingly lovely. YAY Spring!

8) I’m glad my mother made me take typing in high school. I’m realizing that I’m actually thankful for that fact. I’ve often resented it because I feel that I have allowed it to force me down the administrative assisting path out of fear and because it has been “all I know how to do” but I’m thankful for that skill on nights like this when I finally have a tool that allows me to keep up with my thoughts in a way that longhand simply doesn’t.

9) Organic strawberries from the Farmers’ Market taste like Springtime and Magic and All-that-is-good-in-the-World wrapped up in succulent, juicy, red goodness.

10) A tidy home is such a blessing. So glad I had the motivation to tidy this a.m. It is so nice to look around my living room right now.

Good night, Wonderful People.


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