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Monday, April 27, 2009

4/26/09 -- Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive #4

Today was one of those days that make being thankful and positive easy. I spent a wonderful day with Carma, celebrating her birthday. She is, and has been,one of my very best friends now for 28 years this Fall. She was, is, and continues to be one of my sanity keepers, and there is nothing like celebrating a birthday with one of your best friends, surrounded by people that you love, and who love her, to make you want to give thanks so…without further ado:

1) I’m thankful to and for Carma. She has talked me out of my tree, talked me into new forests, made me laugh until I couldn’t breath, taught me so many things, helped me to be a better person, shown and continues to show me what kindness and generosity are, made me laugh uncontrollably, created friend languages with me that only the two of us can really understand, called me on my bullshit when I most needed it and told me that me feelings were not bullshit when I most needed that. She’s also traveled with me, worked with me, lived with me and still likes me. If that ain’t a feat, I don’t know what is. *grin* She is lovely, ridiculously intelligent, talented, loyal, beautiful inside and out and I love her more than words. She is soul family to me and I adore her. Thank you Carma. Just….Thank you.

2) I’m thankful to and for Carma’s family – Bud, Cathleen and Eben. They’ve always making me feel loved and welcome, have shown me untold kindnesses over the years and have been staunch and loving supporters through thick and thin. I thank them so much for being a second family to me for all these years and for fabulous conversations and lessons learned along the way. It was such a treat to see them all today.

3) Hooray for perfect San Francisco weather. We went to Sutro Park today for a picnic and it was sunny and clear with a slight cool breeze to keep it perfectly comfortable. We lazed and laughed and ate and watched Olive the Weiner Dog run around in the grass. It was glorious.

4) Public parks are made of awesome! I took a walk on Ocean Beach in the wind today and then meandered through Golden Gate Park for a little while and realized that I’d spent the day in 3 public parks. Thank goodness for those people who fought for these places to be open to all of us! Thank goodness for their forethought and for the clear insight that humans need beautiful places to spend time in the middle of busy cities. What a gift public parks are. Hooray!

5) Picnics make my heart happy in strange and wonderful ways. I love them. Packing up random yummies, knowing that you’ve brought “just the right thing ™”, silly picnic blankets, lazing about slowly munching on the treats you or your kind host(ess) packed, the kind of relaxation that only happens on picnics, the sound of people around you chattering or of the wind in the grass or on the beach or or or…. Which brings me to:

6) I love the sound of the wind. Whistling around my house on a stormy night, rustling through the leaves, pushing the tall trees around in the High Sierras while it makes the trees talk, whooshing through the sand on the beach, making hushed whispers in dried grass in the summer time, gusting down the chimney on a winter’s night. I love the sounds it makes. Maybe it comes of being an air sign but I’ve always enjoyed the many voices of the wind and the varied and incredible songs it is capable of singing.

7) Weiner dogs named Olive are great additions to any gathering.

8) Walks on windy beaches with Rob are fun even when the wind is so cold that it feels like your skin might try to turn inside out.

9) Fitting comfortably into a pair of jeans I haven’t been comfortable in for a while is good for my motivation. Hooray for walking home from work and portion control.

10) Seeing the bottom of the laundry hamper rocks. So satisfying.

And now bed at a reasonable hour. YAY!

Hugs and good night!

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