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Monday, April 27, 2009

4/27/09 -- Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive #5

Today has had some bumpy moments for me which makes this exercise perfect as a final thing to do before sleep. So…in no particular order the things I’m appreciating today include:

1) Days with ups and downs in them. The downs teach me to appreciate the ups and the ups are made more magical by the downs.
2) Friends one can just “be however” with. You know who you are and I thank you. This evening, in particular, I thank Amy & Bill for letting me share a lovely evening with them in Fremont and just letting me “be however” I needed to be with them.
3) Thanks too to for their cute kitty-ness. Cute kitties are often very useful™. *grin*
4) The ability to see someone’s invitation to a flame war and not accept it. I love being able to shake my head, laugh, and walk away from those.
5) Fairytale re-tellings. I’ve been reading them almost exclusively for about the past month or two and have been truly enjoying immersing myself in the mental escape, the remarkable creativity of the writers and the generally happy endings. I love reading headier stuff too, but right now escapism is kind of nice.
6) Rob decided to go up to his family’s property for a couple of days to visit and I’m finding the idea of going to sleep alone both a little bit sad and lonely, and kind of nice as I’ll be able to take the whole bed. Sometimes, appreciating having the whole bed is the way to go, so tonight, I’m choosing that route! Yay to sprawling all night long.
7) Broccoli is a perfect vegetable.

8) Coming home to loving pajamas. Rob has a fabulously whimsical habit of laying out our pajamas on the bed as though they’re snuggling or holding hands. I got home to an empty house but a bed dressed with loving pajamas tonight. Makes me smile every time. Thank you, Rob. (See bad photo above for example of loving pajamas....)
9) I’m thankful for Frankie Manning. He was and is such an inspiring man. And a true gentleman too. Thank you Frankie for sharing your passion with all of us. Truly. Thank you.
10) Being stumped for what else to write because that means I get to go to sleep now. *grin* So many things flitted through my mind that I couldn’t capture any of them and now #10 is an ode to being stumped. *grin*

Good night all and sweet dreams!

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