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Friday, October 1, 2010

Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive #48 -- 10/01/10

10/01/10 -- A very binary day. Apparently it means 38. I believe my smart, geeky friends and love them for their explanations and kindness with my ignorance.

Things I'm singing the gratitudes for today include:

1) Payday after a very difficult month financially.

2) Being back to full paycheck after a year of 5% pay-cut due to budget hell. Not a huge increase but an increase never-the-less and when you make small amounts of money, every penny counts. Hooray!

3) Clean laundry. All done. Yay.

4) Writing as a form of release. Sometimes what I write isn't super cheery, but it sure is cathartic. :) I wrote a couple of very depressing pieces today and posted them on my blog page so that I'd have them somewhere, but dang...not so cheerful.

5) A couple of hours alone in my home tonight. I love my friends and house-guests, but I'm peopled out. A couple of hours with me should help that immeasurably.

6) The anticipation of seeing and playing with dear friends tomorrow at the Faire. I'm really looking forward to the quick wits and easy laughter. Thank goodness for it!

7) Being given permission by a couple of dear friends to have bad days when I need to and to cry and complain from time to time when things get tough.

8) I'm thankful for Glen. Nuff said. :) I just am. You know why. Thank you!

9) Autumn light.

10) That moment right after the refrigerator stops humming.

11) Excellent and honest conversations. Thank you Garrett! You are a blessing and a joy!

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