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Friday, October 8, 2010

Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive #53 -- 10/7/10

Gratitude is amazing because it begets more gratitude. It is like a bottomless well for the possibility of recognizing goodness and I’m so … well…grateful for it. *wry smile*

There is something about recognition that propels me forward. Recognition of things that are good, recognition of the focus and follow-through it takes for me to write these, recognition of the internal reward I get when I recall the things that make life sweeter, recognition of the difficult and ugly things that are sometimes harder to find the positive in and the recognition that it really IS up to me to decide how I look at things from moment to moment.

I’m blessed by the brilliant conversationalists in my life. I find that I need them to thrive, and that the blessing of intelligent discourse is that it helps me to grow and to view things from angles that I might not have otherwise stepped around the established ones to view them from.

Tonight I sing the gratitudes for:

1) Brilliant conversationalists and the dialogues that ensue.

2) Kind assistance

3) Clean laundry

4) The unexpected peace that I feel in my heart tonight.

5) Anna for lending me her lights, and the fact that they’re now winding their way back to her. :) Thank you, Honey!

6) Friendship

7) Karen Mack. Yep, I’m thankful to and for you.

8) The beauty of crisp, clear Autumn days and the miraculous slanty light that happens during this time of the year.

9) Lunch with Liz and the hilarity of the pelican squirrel moment. *giggle* Thanks for sharing a slap-happy moment or two and some excellent conversation with me today!

10) Rudy’s Can’t Fail CafĂ© and the OMG nom BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich. And the joy of eating pumpkin pie first…because we’re

adults…and we can!

11) Recognizing that this is a form of meditation for me…writing these. That it stills and focuses my mind. What a blessing.

12) An exciting opportunity to see West Side Story in November. Thank you, Patrick! :)

13) Finding 13 things to be thankful for. :)

Good night!

Picture of my lamp -- Apropos of nothing... LOL

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