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Friday, October 8, 2010

Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive #54 - 10/8/10

I just read my post from a year ago today, and it is really a lovely reminder that life can be so good sometimes. :) I like having these as reference points for the stops along my journey towards gratitude.

It has been one hell of a year, hasn't it? For so many of us. Ups, downs, births, deaths, love, heartache, sickness, health, new jobs, unemployment, pulling together, growing apart, and all of it... beautiful and challenging and crazy making and part of who we are now... TODAY... this part because of it.

What a miracle every single day is. The ugly days give birth to beautiful ones. The difficulty to the mirror of our friendships and how they reflect back to us the breathtaking generosity of spirit that can exist in ourselves and in our friends and family. Truly...I am in awe sometimes by the small miracles that are created when kindness is shared, when compassion is given and felt, when forgiveness exists and when love can conquer all.

Tonight, I should be sleeping, but I just somehow couldn't go to bed without singing my gratitudes for:

1) Tonight was our first Broadside meeting of the season. Thank you, Laura for taking the helm and for a lovely first gathering. Well done, Princess Stalkerina. I love you. And may I just say MONKEY MINTS!!!! YAY!

2) Lunch with Judith today. Hooray! You are a Joy! Thank you!

3) The conversations I've gotten and continue to get to share with Robin. You are a blessing, dear one. :) YAY!

4) Having over a year of Gratitudes to go back to for perspective and as a history. What a wonderful, self-replicating exercise this is.

5) The sunset tonight was beautiful.

6) Having a rather efficient afternoon at work. That always feels good.

7) I said it a year ago and I'll say it again today. POPSICLES for the win!

8) Soft flannel.

9) All of the yummies in store for this weekend. :) YAY!

10) Recognizing that I need to sleep more than I need to pack tonight, but somehow not more than I needed to write this! LOL! I'm so tired it almost aches.

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