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Thursday, May 7, 2009

05/07/09 – Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive -- Lucky #13

For all of the wonderful Mom's out there!

So last night I was feeling unwell and there was going to be no staring at a computer to write while that was going on. Instead, I hibernated, didn’t go to rehearsal, and took it very easy at home. I slept on and off, and finally got 8 hours + of sleep. Hooray!

Today I feel mostly human, and despite the NASTY DEAD RAT in my walkway this morning, have had a very nice day all in all.

With out further ado, my Gratitudes include the following:

1) I’m thankful for the days when I am healthy. This also means that I’m thankful for evenings like yesterday evening because they remind me of how lucky I am to be healthy the majority of the time.

2) I’m thankful to Cybele (my director for Queen Anne’s Revenge, and beloved friend) for being so understanding about my not being up for going anywhere last night. I know how frustrating it can be to have cast members miss rehearsals and she was kind and gracious about it. Thank you, Honey. I really appreciate it.

3) I touched on this in my last note, but I’m really thankful to and for Scarlett Hepworth. She is my wonderful voice teacher/vocal coach and is rapidly becoming a wonderful friend as well. She is smart, talented, funny, super supportive, knowledgeable, hilarious, warm, generous, compassionate and generally delightful to be around. Plus she is helping me to work on my voice in a way that I’ve never been able to do before. AND I feel like I learn something every single time I work with her. I love that I’m encouraged to sing Puccini, Porter, songs from Wicked, and Folk Songs by the same teacher. Thank you Scarlett. You are a true delight in my life! Her website is here: I recommend her highly if you’re considering voice lessons!

4) I’d forgotten how much I love Jamba Juice’s Peach Perfection smoothies. Oh my how lovely and refreshing and tasty on a warm day. The only trouble with being reminded yesterday is that I’m craving one again today.

5) Today I’m thankful that Rob is finally home. I had the fabulous experience of time to myself, then got to experience absence making the heart grow fonder, then missing him, and now I’m just excited to see him home safe. YAY!

6) I love that it is 5/7/9 today! My weird little geek brain is tickled by this notion for some odd reason! Next one will be 7/9/11, then 9/11/13, then 11/13/15 and then I believe that is it for this century, yes? Too goofy and fun.

7) I found out today that our neighbor with the Macaws will be moving out within the next month and I’m so happy about this that I could and have done a little dance! Hoo-farking-ray!

8) I just this instant got the awful news that a young woman who was a friend of mine years ago only has a couple of years to live and I’m reeling from the news. I feel sick from the news and am incredibly heart sore. It is also making me recognize, yet again, the fleetingness that is our mortality. It makes me want to do these writings all the more so that I can find more ways to appreciate my life each moment of each day in every way possible. So I’m thankful for that wake up call in the face of such heartbreaking tragedy. Now I need to learn to live it.

9) I’m thankful for those spontaneous moments that occasionally arise with a co-worker that helps to make you both more human to each other. Yesterday I shared one of those and it was fun, laughter-filled and, in a simple way, very beautiful.

10) I’m going home to visit my folks this weekend and I can’t wait to go tomorrow. I’m so lucky that I actively LIKE my parents as well as love them. Going home is a huge treat for me. I cannot wait until I get to see them both again!

A flower for the flowers of motherhood!

11) And now, I get to go to bed and snuggle with my sweet man and that is something to be incredibly thankful for indeed.

I won’t have email access again after the work day tomorrow until Monday night, as getting online at my folks’ house is an exercise in frustrated dial-up futility, but I’ll do my utmost to write while I’m gone and post all at once when I return.

Much love and a very HAPPY Mother’s Day Weekend to you all!


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