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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5/5/09 -- Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive #12

Hallooooooo! Here I am again. Writing the Gratitudes! Woohoo!

Some positive things today include:

1) Being sent a story of a difficult life that was told to a friend who is traveling. That story, which Stephanie shared today, put my petty woes into crisp perspective. I have so much to be thankful for. Thank you, Stephanie.

2) There is something so lovely about the song of church bells.

3) I love the word Wombat. Plus the creatures are so danged cute in their own weird way.

4) I had a great evening with Deb & Robin , working with Scarlett. Thanks to Robin & Deb for being willing and to Scarlett for her incredibly valuable coaching. Hooray for musical growth. Going for a cup of tea afterwards was lovely too.

1/11/09 -- Comfort

5) I’m entertained by some ad campaigns. I found this one today and thought it eye-catching, a bit titillating, and somewhat hilarious. What exactly do YOU think it is trying to sell? Certainly NOT jeans. LOL

6) Coming back to my camera after two days of non-use. I took it out of the case I mentioned yesterday and found out that my realization was true! Oh! It felt so good to click away. (Hey, Anni -- Clicky, clicky, clicky, wheeeeeeeeeeee! *grin*)

7) Silliness is one of the qualities that keeps me aloft in my sometimes turbulent brain. I do silly very well and with great pride. A good dose of the sillies goes a long way. Hooray for silly! And Wombats. Did I mention that I like the word “wombat” yet? Wombat, wombat, wombat! *giggle*

8) Can you imagine a dandelion this size? I remember being so amazed by this one that I found at my folks's house in 2007. So miraculous. I was delighted tonight to find the photo I took then which serves as a happy reminder of the existence of such a thing.

9) I had leftovers for dinner tonight. Leftovers are so fabulous because they are easy, yummy, and flavorful.

10) I’m thankful because I’m done writing for the night and can now go to bed. I suspect this one will repeat from time to time. *wry smile*

Hope everyone had a nice Cinco de Mayo today.

Sweet dreams!

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