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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

5/19/2009 – Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive #17

Here I am, sitting on the loveseat with Rob, watching “Notting Hill”, eating banana bread that I made on Sunday, and enjoying a quiet evening at home. It is a lovely, mellow way to spend a Tuesday night.

I’m finding it difficult to write these every day. Not because of a lack of gratitude, but due to a lack of time. I want to write at the end of the day when I have time to reflect, but often don’t have that time until it is so late that I am then torn between sleep and my “gratitudes.” Tonight I’m home at a reasonable time and so I’m writing earlier than usual.

I figure that I’ll just write these as often as I can and try not to feel too guilty for the days I miss. I find so much calming pleasure in the writing of them that I think I’ll just celebrate when I can write instead of bludgeoning myself when I don’t/can’t.

Ah the blessed gratitudes:

1) The kindness you all showed me yesterday with regards to my thoughts about returning to school. Your words were gracious, inspiring, thoughtful, supportive, gentle, and wise. I don’t know how to properly thank all of you, but I was incredibly touched by your well-spoken encouragement, your gentle wisdom and your humour and understanding. Truly, madly, deeply – thank you.

2) Last night was a quiet night with my mom and Rob and it was a thing of beauty.

3) My mom read me a bedtime story for the first time in years. She read “Diary of a Victorian Mouse” and “adapted” it extraordinarily humorously until we were literally crying with laughter and gasping for air. It was one of the most wonderful moments of the whole weekend.

4) Yesterday I had a fabulously reassuring conversation with my manager at work. He provides me a safe-haven of free speaking and kindness and I’m so thankful to and for him. He reassured me that my job is safe, that I’m doing well at it and that people in the department are pleased with me. He also offered to sit in on a meeting with my grand-boss if I want him too/need him to as he knows that my grand-boss isn’t very clear on the big picture sometimes. Thank goodness for Bill and his patient kindness.

5) Lee has not yet moved out but the anticipation of her moving is something I can look forward to.

6) My banana bread is really yummy. I make really good banana bread. Go me!

7) Movies with happy endings. They are heartwarming and joyful in the light of a sometimes difficult world.

8) I bought raffle tickets from children twice this past weekend. On Sunday I bought raffle tickets from a little boy who sings with the San Francisco Boys Choir. I’d so much rather give him $5 for raffle tickets that will help him to do something joyful and artistic than spend it on something silly. His mom, Winona, is a wonderful woman and she was telling me that she hoped this would be something he’d keep up as he grew so that it might help to get him into college some day.

Winona and her boys -- 5/17/09

Today I bought tickets from two ADORABLE little girls at the Farmers’ Market. They were charming and polite and gave me a great sales pitch. Again…would rather support their efforts than buy a smoothie or some such thing.

9) I’m thankful to Rob for taking this picture of my mom and me. I really love it. Thank you Rob!

Mom and me 5/17/09 -- Photo by Robert Doolan

10) I’m reading “The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan and am so enjoying it. I’m excited that there are 4 more books in this “Percy Jackson & The Olympians” series. It is making me want to go back and re-read my Greek mythology. I need a brush up. Speaking of which I’m thankful for

11) “D’aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths” It was one of those books that I checked out of the library so many times as a child that the librarian told me that I had to leave it for other children to borrow. I bought myself a copy of it again not too long ago and am looking forward to reading it once again. I love the illustrations in it and the approachable telling of the myths.

12) Giving in to random photographic urges. Yesterday and today I decided to bring my little point and shoot camera with me instead of my DSLR. It has been really fun to carry around with me. Today I got a random urge to keep my camera turned on and to carry it at hip level and take pictures from there when the desire struck me. I ended up with a lot of junk, but took some fun pictures too. Plus it was interesting to see what I was getting. This is one of my faves:

From the Hip -- 5/19/09

13) I mentioned that Rob and I were extremely silly down by Crissy Field on Sunday. I’m thankful that there is photographic evidence. For your hilarity:

Sexy -- 5/17/09
Hawt -- 5/17/09

14) I love walking home from work on a sunny day. 2 miles of introspection and/or photography and/or read-walking. So good for my body and my soul.

Ok…sleepy time.
Hugs abounding! T

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