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Saturday, May 16, 2009

5/15/2009 – Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive #15

Friday, Friday, Friday. It has been a long week somehow -- despite my only working 4 days this week -- and I’m very glad that the weekend is here. Rob and I are sitting on the couch watching a couple of episodes from the first season of “Amazing Stories” and I’m writing as I watch. I’d forgotten how charming this series is. We just watched “The Mission” and then “Alamo Jobe” and now I’m fading so I’ll write swiftly.

My gratitudes include:

1)The wonderful evening that I shared last night with Chris, Jen, Rob and Zak. Thank you all for much laughter, excellent food, and beloved company. What a blessed treat. I love you all. Truly.

2) I am so incredibly lucky that I get to have and keep my amazing friendship with Chris. Not many people I know get to have their ex-partners as one of their best friends, but I’ve been so incredibly blessed in this regard with Chris. He is an incredible man, a kind person, a bright light in my life and one of the people I love and cherish most in the world. I’m so deeply grateful to and for him. I don’t know how to find all of the right ways to thank him for being in my life, so this will just have to do for now. I really love you, Dear One. Thank you a million zillion times for being my friend.

3) Getting to know Jen. She is a true delight. She is warm and friendly and comfortable and gorgeous and funny and super smart. I think she is the bee’s knees and I’m so glad to have a new friend. *smile* Plus she makes one of my best friends really happy and that rocks. Witness their cuteness here:

Witness the Cute!

4) I’m thankful for the hilarity that was me collecting some of the last of my belongings from Chris last night. There was kindness and comedy involved and I’m thankful.

5) I reorganized the kitchen tonight to make space for said belongings and I’m so relieved to have everything in better and tidier order.

6) The anticipation of making banana bread tomorrow.

2/2/09 -- Banana Bread

Sounds a little strange, but I’m really looking forward to baking.

7) I’m vaguely entertained by the way my brain works with the process of learning songs and dances. It seems that I only get a song or tune stuck in my head until I know all of the lyrics/the tune/the dance it belongs to. Once I’ve actually memorized the song or the dance, I never get the song stuck in my head again. What this means for me right now is that I have several songs for Queen Anne’s Revenge (“The Red Queen” and “Fisherman’s Wife”) going through my head, songs from my voice lessons with Scarlett going through my head (currently “I’m Not That Girl” from “Wicked” and “O Mio Babbino Caro”), and that the medley they’re creating is something strange and fantastical. I do find it entertaining though that my brain works this way.

8) I’m so glad I have indoor plumbing. I swear! Hooray for hot water, showers and flush toilets. :)

9) The feeling of taking off my shoes after a long day. I can hear my feet sing with the relief of it all and it feels like relaxing from the ankles down.

10) Noticing silly things like this for my Highland Dancer friends and having my camera handy:

Hope that made you giggle a little, Anni, Charity, Krista, Teri, Dougie and Joshua! *grin*

Many hugs and now sleep,

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